Friday, April 9, 2010


The Lemon Grove Cafe'
-will be hosting several art events on May 1st from 4 pm til 10 pm (followed by "Lemonisco!") and on May 2nd from 11 am till 10 pm. Events will include live, creative, Art performances by regional artists, Michael Green, Eric Alleman, David John Pokrivnak, Courtney Waskin, Julius Veal, Katy Gould and others! Original artwork will be on display throughout the Lemon Grove. Shuttle service by the Purple cat will be provide from noon til 5pm both days. The Lemon Grove is open until 4 am every night and serves fine food and drinks.
The LG is a Proud Supporter of the Arts and Culture in Youngstown, Ohio.

Victorian Players
-will be hosting visitors Saturday, May 1st, and Sunday, May 2nd, Noon till 5 pm. The Purple Cat Shuttle will be available.

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