Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Open House

Saturday, November 21.....Sunday, November 22 and Saturday, November 28, daily, noon to 5pm. Free to get in! Free Parking! Chance Auction! Old Ward Bakery Building, Across from U-Haul on Lower Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

As I've stated before, our Chance Auction is probably the very best in the region. With furniture from J.L.Treharn & Co., fine jewelery from Fly Bird Designs, original paintings, drawings, photography, created by the absolute best artisans to be found anywhere in the world (I stand firmly by this statement) you as collector of art d'objects stand to gain substantially with just a purchase of several tickets. So Good Luck and I can't wait to see you there!

To purchase the highly entertaining video documentary of the Artists of the Mahoning Commons which features J.L.Treharn & Co. and many other artists and businesses, visit The Video Story Tellers!

Jerry Treharn

Jerry Treharn, Owner of J.L. Treharn & Co. and the Old Ward Bakery Building

A foundation stone rarely gets noticed, but without it a great structure would fall. At the Old Ward Bakery, the artists take all the limelight. With the excitement of our shows and the Holiday season, it is easy to overlook the person who has given his blessing to our Open House and provided our community with this valuable cultural resource.
Jerry works almost exclusively with tiger maple, a wood known to be extremely hard, stubborn and fibrous. It requires a great deal of patience, skill, determination and compassion to bring out the finest qualities and beauty of the wood. Watching slabs of rough hewn maple arrive at the loading dock, then weeks later leave as majestic cabinets has told me a lot about the spirit of this man.
In addition to maintaining his shop with its many employees and keeping the building itself in good working order, Jerry has to deal with us artists, which is no easy task. In his years as building owner he has settled many a dispute, gone to bat for tenants in trouble, showed up for late night emergencies without complaint and shown patience, care and concern for all of us here.
The Ward Bakery has provided the Art and Artisan community with affordable, quality workspace with many amenities, without which our lives, and our community would be much poorer. Jerry, all of us here at the Artists of the Mahoning Commons would like to say " Thank You!..So Very Much!"


J. L. Treharn & Co. will be offering tours 2:00 pm daily during the Mahoning Commons Open House. The tours begin in the front lobby and offer you a chance to see how Jerry's fine 19th century furniture is made, from the raw lumber to finished product. You will see nearly the entire facility. This is a great opportunity for the experienced woodworker and the general public alike. Don't miss it!

Vintage Bakery Photos Circa Late 30's


Mill Creek Woods

While visiting the Artists of the Mahoning Commons Open House, don't miss Mill Creek Woods on the ground floor. Nick Levinsky, owner, creates fine furniture and gift items that are exquisitely crafted. The entrance to his shop is on Todd Ave. on the side of the Ward Bakery or you can visit him by taking the J.L. Treharn Shop tour.

Vintage Bakery Photos From the Pasky Family

Walter Pasky circa late 1930's-early 40's

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mill Creek Park


Photo: R.J.Van Hoose

The very best thing about the Old Ward Bakery is its neighbors, namely Mill Creek Park and Fellows Riverside Gardens. The new entrance to the Park is directly behind the Ward Bakery and the 2 entrances to Fellows Riverside Gardens are just a short distance away.

Mill Creek Park itself is a VERY large inner city park, encompassing over 2,882 acres. No joke. There are 3 large lakes, many streams with waterfalls, the largest being 23 feet high. 15 miles of foot trails will certainly help you work off that little bit of winter luggage you've been carrying around.

Aside from the usual spring grandeur occuring as I write this, with all the cliche'd spring flowers and whatnot, the wildlife in the Park this year is particularly amazing. Wild turkies are now roaming the park in substantial numbers and Bald Eagles now hunt the wilds of Lake Cohasset. Recently I saw a wild mink and a few people have reported coyotes, so watchout! Ohio's version of the dingo might have a go at your picnic hotdogs, mate!

Within the Gardens is the Davis Education and Visitor's Center, a fine facility with a wonderful cafe' dramatically overlooking Lake Glacier, an Art Gallery, large gift shop, museum, and library. When I am inside, it is though I am no longer in Youngstown. It is amazing how fine architecture and environment can propell one to flights of fantasy.

I encourage everyone who visits our Open House to take a tour through the Park and Gardens. It is truly an uplifting experience, to enjoy these verdant jewels, set in contrast to our post industrial city. I believe this contrast itself is of great value, and to experience it provides one with profound sense of the beauty of life in our city.