Friday, April 10, 2009

Mill Creek Park


Photo: R.J.Van Hoose

The very best thing about the Old Ward Bakery is its neighbors, namely Mill Creek Park and Fellows Riverside Gardens. The new entrance to the Park is directly behind the Ward Bakery and the 2 entrances to Fellows Riverside Gardens are just a short distance away.

Mill Creek Park itself is a VERY large inner city park, encompassing over 2,882 acres. No joke. There are 3 large lakes, many streams with waterfalls, the largest being 23 feet high. 15 miles of foot trails will certainly help you work off that little bit of winter luggage you've been carrying around.

Aside from the usual spring grandeur occuring as I write this, with all the cliche'd spring flowers and whatnot, the wildlife in the Park this year is particularly amazing. Wild turkies are now roaming the park in substantial numbers and Bald Eagles now hunt the wilds of Lake Cohasset. Recently I saw a wild mink and a few people have reported coyotes, so watchout! Ohio's version of the dingo might have a go at your picnic hotdogs, mate!

Within the Gardens is the Davis Education and Visitor's Center, a fine facility with a wonderful cafe' dramatically overlooking Lake Glacier, an Art Gallery, large gift shop, museum, and library. When I am inside, it is though I am no longer in Youngstown. It is amazing how fine architecture and environment can propell one to flights of fantasy.

I encourage everyone who visits our Open House to take a tour through the Park and Gardens. It is truly an uplifting experience, to enjoy these verdant jewels, set in contrast to our post industrial city. I believe this contrast itself is of great value, and to experience it provides one with profound sense of the beauty of life in our city.

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