Friday, April 9, 2010

Mahoning Commons Fest!

It's Not Just the Ward Bakery Any More!

The Mahoning Commons area is located on lower Mahoning Ave. Between the Mahoning Ave. Bridge and the Spring Street Bridge, Youngstown, OH.

As I'm sure you've heard, Youngstown and the Mahoning Commons have a new Art Festival. With the introduction of the Calvin Center Idea Incubator as the new addition to the Youngstown Cultural Community,
grand expansion was necessary. On May 1st and 2nd, 2010, from noon till 5 pm (check times on each venue), most businesses on lower Mahoning will be open at least one of the days and will be holding special events in celebration of the Festival. Most of the businesses and cultural organizations of the Mahoning Commons will be involved, including Fellows Riverside Gardens, the Old Ward Bakery, Star Supply, Rockview Christian Church, The Calvin Center Idea Incubator, the Victorian Players, and the historic B&O Station/Brewery, tentatively.
All of the venues will be providing special events and tours. Park at any of the venues and catch a ride on the Free Shuttle Service provided by the THE PURPLE CAT.
There will be plenty of parking available in the many lots. THIS IS A FREE EVENT!
For more information contact,
Marcie Applegate at or Lynn Cardwell at 330.718.2696
Media contacts welcome!

The Old Ward Bakery

The Old Ward Bakery has come a VERY long way in 7 years. We now host over 30 artists from Youngstown and guests from outside the city with paintings, drawings, jewelery, prints, ceramics, photography, custom woodwork and a wide variety of craft items on display. Jerry Treharn will be offering tours of his fine, hand crafted, Victorian Era furniture woodworking shop at 2pm daily. Lynn Cardwell will be demonstrating the outdoor technique of Raku ceramic firing, using combustible materials. Tony Armeni will have his large scale, award winning, kinetic sculptures on display also.
Tentative lists of aritsts and companies: Marcie Applegate, Tony Armeni, Amanda Baker, Lynn Cardwell, Jaci Clark, Jim Cliff, Jenn Cole, Gabriel Crish, Nancy Crish, Pat Crowe, Enjoy Cupcake, Patti Green, Maryann Cox-Limner, Patrick Hyland, Nick Levinsky, Robyn Maas, Sharon Meenachan, Stepanie Moore, Angela Pandolph, Scott Pergande, Sandpiper Soap Co., Sunburst Selections, Matt Skilman-Ohio Flame, Tracy Segreti, Fred Shepherd, John Henry Strudwick-Chef, Georgia Tambasis, Jason Van Hoose, Ed Villabona and Noreen Yazvac.
Perhaps the most popular event is our Chance Auction. Every participating artist is required to donate an item, which means you have the opportunity to win high quality art objects for a fraction of their value. Jerry Treharn donates fine furniture to this auction as well so don't miss out. Tickets are $1 (one dollar) each or 6 for $5 (five dollars).
This is a FREE event with plenty of Free PARKING with FREE shuttle service provided by the PURPLE CAT from NOON till 5 PM both Days.

Calvin Center Idea Incubator

The Artists of the Mahoning Commons are more than pleased to announce the recent addition to our endeavors, The Calvin Center Idea Incubator. A turn of the century Victorian Era Public School, this gorgeous building now houses the Artists of the Rust Belt and the the Rust Belt Theater Company.
The CCII will be open Saturday, May 1st, Noon till Midnight and Sunday, May 2nd, noon till 5pm. Arts Youngstown will be serving cold beer during this time to raise funds and will also be displaying work by regional artists throughout the building.
Artists of the Rust Belt will host an artist market from noon till 5 pm both days and will be holding a Chance Auction of fine art and craft items from participating artisans.
The Rust Belt Theater Company will be holding surprise performances throughout the building to lend atmosphere to this charming venue.
The infamous (dare I say Notorious) Viking Jim Allgren of The Home Grown Show on 93.3 The Wolf will provide D.J. services during the daylight hours for your entertainment, featuring tracks from local musicians.
Starting at 8 pm on Saturday night, and ending at Midnight ($3 cover charge), a fine line up of local bands will take the stage. These include: Sam Goodwill, Braille, Fillmore Jive, and Tigerstyle. You must be 18 years or older and provide a photo I.D. to attend.
The Purple Cat will provide shuttle service from noon till five on Saturday and Sunday.

Fellows Riverside Gardens and the B&O Station/Brewery

Gardens open dawn til dusk. Visitors center open 10 am til 5 pm Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd.
Stop in the Weller Gallery to see the very fine, large scale glass sculpture of Akron artist Jack Baker. Truly amazing work. We are privileged to have his work hosted in Youngstown.
The Purple Cat Shuttle will be available from noon till 5 pm both days.

The Rust Belt Brewing Company, located in the gorgeous, early 2oth century B&O Train Station, will be giving brewery tours and offering beer tastings on Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd, from noon till 8 pm. If you haven't yet seen this wonderful building or tasted this fine beer, come on down and experience Youngstown's past and present Greatness!
The Purple Cat Shuttle will be available from noon till 5 pm both days.

The Star and the Rock

A long time supporter of the arts in Youngstown, Star Supply is a true landmark in the Mahoning Commons. With its dramatic yellow sculpture and slingshot car made by Youngstown artisans, Star is a must see for all those who visit our Arts Festival. Inside you will find everything from a variety of hardware to handmade craft items imported from Vietnam. All the artists would like to thank Star Supply for supporting us in our art careers and for supporting the Youngstown cultural venues that enrich our city.


On Sunday, May 2nd, from noon till 5 pm, Rockview Christian Church will be hosting a Hungarian Bacon Fry. Shuttle Service by the Purple Cat will be provided.


The Lemon Grove Cafe'
-will be hosting several art events on May 1st from 4 pm til 10 pm (followed by "Lemonisco!") and on May 2nd from 11 am till 10 pm. Events will include live, creative, Art performances by regional artists, Michael Green, Eric Alleman, David John Pokrivnak, Courtney Waskin, Julius Veal, Katy Gould and others! Original artwork will be on display throughout the Lemon Grove. Shuttle service by the Purple cat will be provide from noon til 5pm both days. The Lemon Grove is open until 4 am every night and serves fine food and drinks.
The LG is a Proud Supporter of the Arts and Culture in Youngstown, Ohio.

Victorian Players
-will be hosting visitors Saturday, May 1st, and Sunday, May 2nd, Noon till 5 pm. The Purple Cat Shuttle will be available.

Starling Gallery

Shock Dog! By Jason Van Hoose. Acrylic on Panel. 2010.

Starling Gallery, a storefront located off the lobby of the Old Ward Bakery will host "Dog Show!", a collection of new work and old favorites by Jason Van Hoose, featuring paintings of dogs as the theme.
In addition to the "Dog Show!", he will have a SPECIAL SALE in honor of the Art Festival. There will be several of his original landscape paintings, custom framed Giclee' prints, antique prints and folk art paintings from his personal collection all at reduced prices. More surprise items will be added as the show draws near!
Finally, if luck holds, a few WildCat RollerCoaster Prints framed in wood from the Coaster may be available.